Florian Toepfl presents paper on "Internet Elections as a Tool to Centralize Collective Action" at "Media Practices" Workshop at FU Berlin

Florian Toepfl has presented a working paper entitled “Breaking the Stalemate of Leaderless Protest: Internet Elections as a Tool to Centralize Collective Action in Russia” at a workshop at FU Berlin. The meeting of scholars from Germany, Hong Kong, USA, Mexico and the UK was co-organized by Professor Lünenborg and entitled “Media Practices:  Transregional Perspectives on Changing Social Orders”.  


It was a unique opportunity to discuss this specific piece of research, which draws heavily on Lance Bennett and Alexandra Segerberg’s (2012) theory of “Connective Action”. Lance Bennett was co-speaker on the panel of Florian Toepfl and provided inspiring, constructive, and partly also critical feed-back on the project.