Anna Litvinenko Gives a Talk at "Future Workshop 2016: Press Freedom" in Zurich, Switzerland


Anna Litvinenko has given a talk at the Future Workshop 2016: Press Freedom organized by Ulrich Saxer Foundation. The event for young media researchers took place at the Neue Zuricher Zeitung on the 28th of October in Zurich, Switzerland. 


Dr Litvinenko's presentation was entitled “New Media as Islands of Press Freedom in (Semi-)Authoritarian States? Comparison of Comment Sections on News Websites in Post-Soviet Countries”. Part of the Emmy-Noether Group's current research on participatory features of news websites operating in the post-Soviet space, the presentation was dedicated to the situation with press freedom across the region. 


The workshop was organized by the Ulrich Saxer Foundation for the promotion of media and communication research among young people.