Andrei Zavadski Participates in Mnemonics 2018 Summer School, Belgium

Andrei Zavadski at Mnemonics 2018. Photo by Stef Craps and Martin Zicari
Andrei Zavadski at Mnemonics 2018. Photo by Stef Craps and Martin Zicari

Andrei Zavadski has taken part in the seventh edition of the Mnemonics: Network for Memory Studies summer school. The school was hosted by the Flemish Memory Studies network and took place on August 22-24, 2018 in Leuven, Belgium. 


This year's Mnemonics was titled "Ecologies of Memory": it addressed memory from an ecological perspective. As the school's Call for Papers stated:


"The term “ecology” foregrounds the relationships between organisms and their environments; it emphasizes the interrelations between different agents rather than isolated elements. Mnemonics 2018 engages with the recent shift in the study of memory towards the multifarious interactions between media, platforms, cultures, and generations, but also between the domains of the human and the nonhuman. The notion of ecology is particularly pertinent for tracking two related trends. First, after the “connective turn,” there is the ever-increasing importance of digital media platforms for the construction of individual and group memories in what has been called our “new media ecology” (Hoskins). Changing the very nature of remembrance and forgetting, digital media have come to make up a crucial environment for remembrance whose different constituent elements demand to be studied ecologically, that is, in their relations to one another. Second, there is the growing urgency of environmental issues, as concern over climate change and planetary devastation has come to be voiced under the rubric of the Anthropocene."  


Andrei's talk was entitled "Memory-based and digitally enabled: Counterpublics in an authoritarian context".  Dedicated to his theoretical concept of “mnemonic counterpublics”, as distinguished from “mnemonic communities” (Zerubavel, 1999; 2003; see also Irwin-Zarecka, 1994),  it presented the theoretical foundation of his PhD project. 


The programme of the Mnemonics 2018 summer school can be found here


Mnemonics: Network for Memory Studies is a collaborative initiative for graduate education in memory studies between the Danish Network for Cultural Memory Studies, the Flemish Memory Studies Network, the London Cultural Memory Consortium, the Swedish Memory Studies Network, and programmes at Goethe University Frankfurt, UCLA, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Utrecht University, and Columbia University (associate partner). The network was launched at a meeting at the Flemish Academic Centre for Science and the Arts (VLAC) in Brussels on 14 October 2011.