New Article Accepted for Publication: Narratives about 1917 in Russia’s online authoritarian publics

An article co-authored by Anna Litvinenko and Andrei Zavadski has been accepted for publication in the Europe-Asia Studies journal.  The article is entitled "Memories on demand: Narratives about 1917 in Russia’s online authoritarian publics". 

This article analyses the digital remembrance of the Russian Revolution in the year of its centenary. It examines what memory narratives about 1917 were constructed by leading Russian online media in 2017, in the absence of an overarching narrative about the event imposed by the state. The authors reveal a multiplicity of digital memories about the Revolution and discuss their implications for the regime’s stability. The flexible nature of digital remembrance, they argue, does not necessarily challenge authoritarian rule but can work in its favour by allowing one to target – and satisfy – various sections of a fragmented society.


Authoritarianism, communication, digital memories, on-demand culture, online media, public sphere, Russia 

The article is currently awaiting publication in Europe-Asia Studies , but the Authors’ Accepted Manuscript is available here