Emmy Noether Group to Hold Workshop on Authoritarian Publics

The Emmy Noether Group will hold a workshop called "Theorizing Publics Under Authoritarian Rule." It will take place at Freie Universität Berlin on June 19-21, 2019.

Over the past decades, a variety of approaches have theorised the role of the “public sphere,” “the public,” and “multiple publics” in the political life of Western democracies. By contrast, little academic effort has been dedicated to the question of whether – and, if so, how – “publics” may function in (semi-)authoritarian contexts. Against this backdrop, the aim of this workshop will be to create novel theoretical thought about the forms, modes, and types of “publics” that we may imagine as participating in (semi-)authoritarian political life. In order to do so, the workshop will bring together theorists of (the) public(s) (sphere) of Western democracies, on the one hand, and scholars of media and communication under (semi-)authoritarian rule, on the other. 


Leading scholars from both fields of research will participate in the event, including Svetlana Bodrunova (St. Petersburg University), Lincoln Dahlberg (independent scholar, New Zealand), Susanne Fengler (TU Dortmund), Michael Meyen (LMU München), Barbara Pfetsch (FU Berlin), Carola Richter (FU Berlin), Natalia Roudakova (Södertörn University), Slavko Splichal (University of Ljubljana), Daniela Stockmann (Hertie School of Governance), Ingrid Volkmer (University of Melbourne), Katrin Voltmer (University of Leeds), Hartmut Wessler (University of Mannheim), and others. 


The programme of the event can be downloaded as a PDF here.  In order to attend, registration is required.  Please write to daria.kravets[at]fu-berlin.de to inquire about available places.